Is a small bruise normal to appear 5 to 6 days after surgery? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation August 26th, 2016 the first 4/5 days I had no bruising, but I recently noticed a small bruise on my left breast. It is small and it does not hurt, but i am concerned.

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Bruising after breast augmentation

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In the absence of other symptoms, this small amount of bruising should not be of concern. If you are in need of reassurance a visit to your surgeon is not unreasonable and should suffice. 

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Watch your activity

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If anything, it may indicate that you are doing too much in terms of physical activity.  Otherwise it appears to be okay.

Post-Op Bruising

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Healing will go on for 2-3 months for the early period.  There may be some swelling, bruising, malposition, color differences.   Sensation will be abnormal.  Scars will be changing.The best thing to do with your concern over bruising of your surgical area would be to visit your surgeon in person to have the area evaluated for proper healing and ensure that all is progressing well. Luckily it has not been very long yet and you can still allow healing to continue safely. Best of luck... and don't hesitate to see your surgeon if you are concerned or worried at all.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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This is normal

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Acardenas324:  Yes, this is very normal.  The implants were placed deep within your body, at least below all your breast tissue and possibly even beneath your chest muscles.  There is always at least a very slight amount of internal bleeding associated with breast augmentation.  It's not uncommon for this small amount of blood to take several days or longer to reach the skin where it shows up as a bruise.  As long as that breast isn't larger and more tense and painful than the other one I wouldn't worry about it.Best of luck you you!G. Robert Meger MD

G. Robert Meger, MD
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Is a small bruise normal to appear 5-6 days after surgery?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  I am sorry to hear of your bruising but it is not uncommon to have a small amount develop in a delayed fashion after surgery and the amount shown in your photograph does not appear of significant concern.  Hang in there!

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Small bruise

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A small isolated bruise away from your incision on the inner part of the breast is unlikely to be of concern.  It is most likely from the injection of local anesthetic during the procedure.   Best to be evaluated by your surgeon just for reassurance.

Delayed bruising after surgery

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Hi acardenas324,Thank you for your question and attached photo.  Any changes after surgery should be discussed with your surgeon. Delayed bruising can be a sign of an underlying hemorrhage, but in your photos, it does look fairly benign.  These can also occur from shearing of the implant with the surrounding tissue that is healing.  Please contact your surgeon, but it is likely nothing to worry about.
Dr. B

Post-op bruise

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The degree of bruising does not appear concerning based on your photograph.  I recommend following your surgeon's post-operative instructions and continue to monitor for increasing size, bruising, firmness, or pain on one side vs. the other.  These findings may signify a potential hematoma, which refers to a collection of blood or ongoing bleeding within the implant pocket, and would be a reason to contact your surgeon urgently.

Bruise after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. This bruise appears normal. If it gets worse or painful or if you have significantly more swelling please contact you physician. This being said, it was probably some deeper bruising that has worked its way more superficial. It should resolve in a few days.

Post op bruising

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From the picture provided, the bruise does not appear to be significant.  A small amount of bruising is not at all unusual after a procedure and can often times take days to appear. This should resolve on its own, but if it begins to enlarge and/or your breast becomes painful, you would need to contact your surgeon. Best wishes.

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