Can I shorten my chin? My overbite was fixed, and now my chin looks long. As I get older, it gets worse (filler won't fix it)

I had a bionator when I was young to fix an 8 mm overbite. It worked but significantly increased the "vertical dimension" of my chin. My face is too long--my teeth are okay, but I have way too much chin. I know that as I get older, my face gets thinner--this is in addition to that. I also want to get a rhinoplasty to reduce a hump on my nose. I'm wondering if my chin can be shortened, and how much something like that costs. And if the nose should be done, and then the chin, or at the same time?

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Vertical Chin Reduction

The height or vertical length of your chin can be reduced through an integral wedge removal genioplasty. A rhinoplasty and vertical chin reduction can be done at the same time.

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