Is it safe for a surgeon to inject Radiesse with bone morphogenic protein?

I went to a board certified PS to get radiesse in my cheeks, he told me there was also bone morphogenic protein in it (I assumed this was normal). I can't find any evidence of it's use in cosmetic surgery. I'm both worried and excited- does this mean radiesse injections with BMP can give me a round, child-like forehead again? Is it safe? And does the surgeon have any financial or other reason to be injecting this without informing me prior that it isn't normally in radiuses?

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Why Add Something to Radiesse?

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Thanks for your question. Why someone would want to add something to Radiesse is not very clear to me so I would be hesitant to continue with this unless there is some medical reason, medical benefit, and some clinical information to suggest that this is actually needed. Mixing lidocaine with Radiesse has been FDA approved so this is okay, but not with BMP – why?

Find a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon well skilled in injections and don’t do things that are not medically the standard of care.

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Radiesse and Bone Morphogenic Protein

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I am unsure why or how this would be added to the filler.  Radiesse alone works very well and has been shown to be safe and effective long term.  I suggest speaking to him about your concerns, or consider a different physician for future injections.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Radiesse with bone morphogenetic protein

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Bone morphogenetic protein is something that is more used in dental surgery to help build up bone to help with implants and things like that. Personally I have not heard of it being used in combination with any fillers. BMP is safe in normal uses, but this would be a bit different use obviously so I'm not sure the purpose or how it will work out. Radiesse is already made of a compound that has some similar characteristics to bone which means that in some cases it can feel too hard when injected. I would imagine (but cannot confirm) that adding BMP to it would make it even harder; thus, I would assume that it should therefore be used in even less locations. If you have questions, I would talk with your injector about why he does it this way and what advantage he sees it having.

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