Does ptosis surgery affect upper lid crease?

I have several upper eyelid lid creases, as I used 'eyelid tape' over a prolonged period to make my eyelid crease higher. Will ptosis surgery for mild ptosis make my crease go back to how low it was before?

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Ptosis surgery and the lid crease

Ptosis surgery can be performed from a skin incision combined with an anchoring blepharoplasty or from the back of the lid with no anchoring blepharoplasty. In you situation, the former procedure is required. Some surgeons are not comfortable with this procedure so find out how exactly it is going to be done.

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The eyelid margin position is not directly related to the upper eyelid folds.

When you have ptosis surgery it is also essential for the surgeon to address the upper eyelid fold to control the secondary creases.  This is done with an anchor blepharoplasty.  You need to have a very explicit conversation with your surgeon regarding the upper eyelid creases.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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