Is it possible for the ptosis surgery to only lift the bit of the lid covering the iris?

I have mild ptosis which hides a bit of my upper iris. Is it possible for the ptosis surgery to only lift the bit of the lid covering the iris or will the whole lid be lifted even temporally and nasally? How accurate is this procedure and can it be combined with Canthoplasty? Any risk of blindness?

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Mild ptosis repair should be performed by experienced surgeons

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Yes, it is possible to lift the eyelids a small amount to correct mild ptosis. Ptosis surgery requires specialized expertise, and I would recommend that you have an evaluation by an oculoplastic surgeon. For your other question, eyelid surgery has risks, including blindness; however, the likelihood of experiencing that complication is very small. Good luck!

Warren Oculoplastic Surgeon

Can a small degree of elevation be performed with ptosis repair

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Thank you for asking your question. There are a couple of surgical techniques which are accurate and can give a slight lift to the eyelids. Make sure an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon familiar with various surgical approaches evaluated your issues in person.  Good luck,

Ptosis surgery requires an expert

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Yes "mild" Ptosis surgery can be performed.  Ptosis surgery is a very challenging procedure that requires a high level of experience and skill to perform properly -- and even in excellent hands can be difficult.  In the hands of a fellowship trained cosmetic oculofacial surgeon this artful surgery can yield individually tailored, beautiful results.  I rarely combine this procedure with canthoplasty.  Under the care of an experienced eyelid surgeon, the risk of blindness from Ptosis repair is extremely rare.   Currently I cannot see any photos of you and so cannot comment on your particular case.  All the best in your search!

Can ptosis repair be customized?

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The answer to your question is yes, absolutely! Ptosis repair can be customized to lift however much and whichever area needs it. Someone experienced with eyelids will know exactly how much to lift and where. Yes, it can be combined with canthoplasty. With any surgery around the eye, there is a minute risk of blindness. This is caused by excess bleeding that is trapped around the eyeball. If this is not caught it time (you will know!), the pressure from a retrobulbar hematoma can cut off blood supply to the optic nerve causing loss of vision. This, however, is incredibly rare!

Small amount of ptosis surgery

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Yes, it is possible to perform small amount of eyelid ptosis surgery. There are different techniques available. See an oculoplastic specialist.

I have studied your photos and I do not believe you should have a canthoplasty.

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Also you need a highly precise upper eyelid ptosis surgery and anchor blepharoplasty.  Routinely patients are quoted that ptosis surgery is accurate plus or minus 1 mm.  That means one eyelid could end up 1 mm too high and one 1 mm too low.  That would be an unacceptable result.  I perform ptosis surgeries that are much more accurate to address small cosmetic differences.  The surgery adjusts the entire width of the upper eyelid.  This has to very accurately done to avoid a peak in the eyelid or a lateral flare.  When you are ready, actually consultation with multiple oculoplastic surgeons is invaluable.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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