Phenol peel. What area the risks?

What is a phenol peel? What are the risk? Is Asian skin a candidate for the peel? Can patient with acne scars expect a much more better results compare to other peel?

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Phenol better in lighter skin types

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AmbitiousYung!,Patients with darker skin, such as asians tend not to be a great candidate for phenol peels. This is because one of the main risks of phenol is hyperpigmentation. If you're trying to treat acne scars, then a fractionated laser might be best. Make sure to see a physician with experience in both lasers and treating acne scars. Once seeing you in person for a consultation, they should be able to give you a better idea about your treatment options. Best of luck.~Dr. Sieber

Phenol peels

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Traditionally, phenol , the strongest formula, is used for stronger skin resurfacing and is also helpful for reducing blotches caused by aging and sun exposure.   These peels are extremely effective and have become our best weapon to treat fine or deeper lines and wrinkles as well as to address areas of unwanted pigmentation. Ultimately, the type of chemical peel and the strength (concentration) of the peel will be determined by your board certified plastic surgeon depending on your skin type, history, health, and treatment goals. Hope this helps! 

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