Orbital decompression surgery.

Is there a small chance of orbital decompression making your eyes look deformed or a little bit asymmetrical?

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Just because folks are marketing orbital surgery as cosmetic surgery, please do not be taken in.

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Orbital surgery is not cosmetic surgery.  Do not subject yourself to irreversible surgery that has the potential cause harm, unpredicatble potential complications, and is unnecessary.  Please be careful out there.  In this world, if you knock on enough doors, someone will agree to what you are asking for.

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See experienced oculoplastic surgeon for orbital decompression

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There is a chance of asymmetry, sunken eye, diplopia, among other things with orbital decompression. The actual risk depends on technique used, experience of the surgeon, anatomy of the patient, etc. Best to seek a personal consultation.

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Orbital decompression

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Orbital decompression is a complex surgery that requires a customized approach and a physician who has performed hundreds of these procedures to get optimal cosmetic outcomes.  There are many videos on this subject in the link provided.  These can be done in a cosmetic manner but it requires substantial planning and discussion of the potential risks.  Overall this surgery is very predictable and safe if done in a controlled environment.  Most importunity only consider the surgery with someone who has done hundreds or even thousands.

Orbital Decompression

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Thank you for posting your question.  Orbital decompression is a surgery that is usually performed for patients with significantly bulging eyes.  This is often the result of a thyroid condition.  Many surgeons would find "cosmetic" orbital decompression to be a controversial topic.  With any surgery, there is chance of asymmetry.  There is also a risk of double vision that may require further surgery after orbital decompression.  In addition, eyelid surgery is sometimes necessary afterwards.  These questions are better answered during a consultation with a board certified oculoplastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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