How does a columella strut get trimmed or shortened during an open rhinoplasty?

How does a columella strut get trimmed or shortened during a open rhinoplasty. I know during a primary and dissection is made to put the strut into... but how does one trim or shorten the bottom during a revision. Does the whole thing need to be removed or is there a technique to come in on the side.. just curious how a problematic columella strut is trimmed during an open rhinoplasty

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Primary or revision rhinoplasty strut placement is simple mechanics

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The strut is a strip of cartilage which can be trimmed to size. The cartilage can be taken from the septal cartilage, if available or ear or rib. Dr. Brian Wong of UC Irvine, Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery and a very sophisticated rhinoplasty surgeon has developed a clever cartilage " cutter", like the old Vegematic vegetable slicer. Gives  a perfect strip of cartilage with which to work. Check that out. After you get a nice strip, you measure, insert and fix in place.

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How does a columella striped get trimmed?

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A columella strut can be trimmed with either open or closed rhinoplasty. Tissue dissection is performed down to the strut and it can be either removed or trimmed back. Is usually held in place by previous sutures and scar tissue. Most patients do not require a columella strut, so it is very important that you ask the question why is it being placed to start with?

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