Can my Cheek/facial (As)symetry Be Improved? (photo)

1.My right cheek is more prominent from the jaw line and higher than the left. 2.My right jaw line seems to be more curved than the left, which is rectangular and more prominent than the right. 3. My temples are different: while the right one is straight, the left one is like a "c". I think the best thing I could do was get some weight or a long haircut that hides these assymetries. I feel like I have 2 pieces of a puzzle that don't match.

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Can my Cheek/facial (As)symetry Be Improved? (photo)

Thank you for your question and detailed description.  Without full photos in appropriate views, and a craniofacial / maxillofacial CT scan it is impossible to render an intelligent opinion, but you seem to have a mild form of hemifacial microsomia which is a congenital maxillofacial development problem and needs to be handled by maxillofacial plastic surgeons, usually out of an academic maxillofacial center at the University or teaching hospital.  Your condition is not one that can be treated with implants, fat injection, etc.  You need your skeletal structure re-arranged.

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Can my Cheek/facial (As)symetry Be Improved?

 From the photo provided, the left cheek appears to much flatter than the right.  You might want to start by having the left cheek augmented with a temporary filler (I prefer using Perlane).  This will allow you to see the results without creating a permanent change.

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