Lip reduction complications? I have slight prognathism.

I have thick lips and slight (upper) jaw prognathism. I went to ask for lip reduction and my doc recommended a ton of procedures, saying that i needed fillers in my mid face, botox on upper lip muscle to prevent gummy smile, botox lower chin muscle. He says after lip reduction it might be more difficult to close. Right now my lips are big and "fold outward" , ie. lip goes out and upwards/downwards. Note: prognathism is cosmetic, and i usually dont find any difficulty in closing my mouth.

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Thanks for your query. it would have helped if you had added some pics. Lip reduction surgery meant to reshape your lips to achieve balance with the rest of your features. Sometimes adjacent features may be need to be altered to create a more harmonious face.I would suggest you meet your plastic surgeon again and have a consultation again.

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I am not certain about your question, but complications after lip surgery are few. There is always the usually risks for any surgery like bleeding, bruising, swelling, and possible infection. Lips do tend to stay swollen for a while. Also, there is a risk of being uneven or scarring, and the need for a revision.

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