Left areola hurts 26 days post-op? (Photos)

I had my surgery 7-1-16 and so far my scars look real good. Everything is fine except a small area on my left areola where I can see and feel my suture knot. My skin has become flaky and the whole area hurts, especially when taking a shower. At my 2 week appointment the nurse cut the ends of all the stitches but this one area is still sticking out. Should I wait for my appointment or can I cut it?

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Check with your surgeon

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You should check with your surgeon as every surgeon has different post op instructions. The best source of information is your surgeon and any material given to you by your surgeon's office!Good luck!

Call your surgeon

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You should be calling your surgeon and asking him/her.  Based on the photos you are showing us it looks fine, however, it is best for you to be seen by you surgeon and let him/her decide on what needs to be done if anything at all.

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