Do I need jaw surgery or Chin augmentation to fix what's going on with the lower part of my face?

I used to have an overbite and hence thought that my underdeveloped chin and jaw were because of this. Now however I have gotten my teeth fixed and still notice the weak small chin and from the side it almost connects to my neck. So I was wondering what I would need to do to fix this.

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Jaw surgery versus a chin implant

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 Chin implants are composed of Silastic,  are inserted under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes. Chin implants offer only a cosmetic improvement to the chin to augment it forward. Jaw surgery is performed by an oral surgeon under general anesthesia in a hospital setting with an overnight stay in the hospital. Jaw surgery is performed to realign the teeth as well as bring the jaw forward.
 For many examples of chin implants, please see the link and the video below

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