Does increasing the concentration of minoxidil increase hair fall, and produce thin hair like my body hairs? (photo)

I 20 years male, have been using minox almost for 8-10 months,experienced results like-reduced hairloss,some very thin hairs which looked lot different from other hairs on my head.To get better results I switched to minox 5.Using it for an month and now I experience more hairfall than usual(50-70) daily.So what should I do?.My inital hairloss began after relocating to a place with hard water and improper diet and sleep cycles. My aim is to somehow keep my hair till 30 years.

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On average, a person looses 50-100 hairs/day. After using minoxidil for almost a year, increasing to 5% should not cause an increase in hair loss. If you are concerned, I suggest you see an expert for a formal evaluation to determine what is causing your hair loss. There are many different non-invasive options for treating hair loss Best, Dr. Emer

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Most times when minoxidil produces hair, the hair it produces is fine, vellus like. It is not the normal hair that one would expect. If some 15% of cases, the hair does produce more normal hair

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