Fat Transfer Without Extensive Lipo?

Will fat transfer without extensive lipo ever be possible?! Meaning... future surgeons would only have to remove a little bit of fat/stemcells/whatever and be able to then grow or fat in a lab that could then be transferred and not rejected by our bodies? I still don't understand how we can grow functioning organs for transplant, but we haven't found a way out of the invasiveness of simple liposuction?

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Good question about the role of stem cells and fat transfer.

You raise a good question but that the present time there is no answer. For now the volume of augmentation is related to the amount of fat harvested and transferred.

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Fat Transfer Without Extensive Lipo?

First of all, we are probably decades away from being able to grow functional organs for transplant. The closest we have come was growing enough muscle tissue to make a $200,000 hamburger earlier this year. 

The research costing hundreds of millions of dollars is geared toward life saving and extending projects first. 

All the best. 

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