Will fat grafting, subsicion, fillers (like voluma) and medium depth Chemical peels yield good results for my scarring? (Photos)

I am looking for opinions on how to go about my scarring. I am currently on the fence about lasers. I have see the above procedures as treatments with "history" if you will. I am also not against using laser as a final step but I believe that technology will be improving and would like to wait for something like Recell to come to the states.

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Treatment for facial scarring

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There are many ways to obtain effective results for facial scarring including the things that you have listed. I prefer to perform full face CO2 skin resurfacing for this condition. It might take 2 treatments if micro-ablation is used but then there is minimal down time (week). Again, there are many effective ways to treat this problem so I would not wait for improvements in technology. Good luck

Acne scar treatment

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Hi and thanks for your question. For acne scar a combination therapy would give you a better result, I suggest ablative laser esither Erbium or co2 laser . It has few days downtime but is very effective . I sometimes combine it with subcision and PRP . I would suggest to see an expert physician. 

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