When is it possible to have a Facelift Revision if face is too tight now?

How many years do I have to wait for my face to loosen that other plastic surgeon can revise what the previous doctor did wrong?

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When to Consider a Facelift Revision

Typically, it's best to wait 6 to 12 months depending on the reason for #revision. As with all #cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical #procedure and #revision, there are some risks of unhappy outcome or other complications which your surgeon should discuss with you during your consultation. Your procedure should always be performed by a #PlasticSurgeon who is board-certified and has a great deal of experience specializing in cosmetic #surgery. You will then greatly improve your chances of getting the result you desire, and, without the need for another revision surgery.

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Facelift and Revision

This is a good question.  In order to have a revision after having a facelift, there must be the indication that it can be re-done.  What I am referring to in this case is, there must be enough skin laxity to take the face apart and then do the surgery properly and then close the face.  If there is not enough skin laxity, it will look distorted if the revision is performed.  If the indication is not there, someone should not have surgery.  These principles are important when performing surgery on the face.  If surgery is done too soon, the tissues and skin will have to be distorted when trying to close the face.  This will give an awkward look to the face.  So, please be careful when looking for a surgeon to di the revision.  Many surgeons are willing to operate.  However, there needs to be an indication to do the planned surgical procedure.

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When you facelift is too tight

you can be assured that your skin will relax as you continue to age but to intervene sooner to 'relax' your results can be challenging.  If your results are due to barbed sutures, they can be removed but if your excess skin has been removed, all you can really do is attempt to stretch your skin in addition to waiting it out for your skin to naturally relax.

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Facelift Revision

Hello and thank you for your questions.

Without pictures and ore information as it relaters to how long you are post facelift, it is impossible to provide you with an accurate answer. I have performed a re-do face lift on someone one year after their first facelift. You can see this in the link below. I was concerned she had a facelift being so young but felt confident that I could help her with her needs. 

For sure with time, the tightness one feels after a facelift will become less with time. 

Since you did not provide pictures and important information such as how long are you in the healing process,what was actually performed by your doctor, etc., perhaps nothing was done wrong with your initial surgery. 

The video attached will allow you to see how I preform this procedure. 

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