Will a lower eyelid palate graft hurt? Will it leave an empty space in mouth?

I am having a primary mid face lift + Canthoplasty in a few months and have been told there will be a palate graft to l/lids. How painful is this? Will I have a hole in my mouth and will It heal back smoothly to how it was? My tongue is quite sensitive so any irregularities will really bother me! I read that they fill the donor site with porex(?). Thanks for any info available.

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Palate Graft

If you have scar contracture of the internal lamella of the eyelid, that is causing an ectropion or lower lid lag, then releasing this contracture and replacing it with a mucosal graft is a reasonable solution.  It will be a bit painful but the mucosa should heal back in a few weeks.  There are not many other options to replace the mucosa of the eyelid.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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Lower eye lid palate graft - what to expect

Thank you for asking about your lower eyelid palate graft.
  • It sounds as though you may be having reconstructive facial surgery to correct previous surgery.
  • The best person to advise you will be your own surgeon.
  • Your mouth will be sore and will take several weeks to heal - and your tongue will be aware of the irregularity.
  • Ask your surgeon if Porex will be used - I would not use it.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Midface Lift

Thank you for sharing your concerns.You will have a hole that It will take two weeks to heal. Porex is not good a good idea for the mouth.Good Luck

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