What to expect from Breast revision? (photos)

Hi all, I had BA over a year. Also had a breast revision 3 weeks ago due to one of the breast not dropping. I guess I had the wrong expectation after revision. I thought it would be even after second surgery but to me, it looks just the same. It also, has started to hurt more (feels very sore) 3weeks post op. Is this pain normal or a sign of a problem? And what should I expect from revision, meaning it needs time to drop or it should look better already? Thank you kindly.

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Breast Revision Surgery

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Judging by the photos you have labeled 3 weeks postop, things look pretty good.  I am judging this looking at your crease or tuck.  However, you have some asymmetry between the nipple location, where one nipple is placed lower than the other side.  This is likely just a natural difference between the two breasts that was likely there before the surgery.  We see this often where the two breasts are never identical.Be patient and allow about 4 months before you can really judge your results.Goodluck.

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You are much better after your revision

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but I would save 'awesome job' for only if you end up being near level
on your upper poles.  In my practice, if you had smooth round implants,
my patient would be told to put a leisure or sport bra on and to pull
the band over the top of the higher side to help it settle more to your
liking.  Ask your surgeon for advice on helping you achieve your goal! 

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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