Effect of Stopping applying Minoxidil on Transplanted hair.

I have recently had FIT hair transplant on my head and I'd like to use Minoxidil to save and regrowth of the native hair on the area. But I have watched some videos on YouTube about how significant the hair-loss was after stopping using Minoxidil. Now here is my question, if I use Minoxidil for a while like 2 years or so, and for any reason I stop using it and want to just rely on transplanted hair, does this might cause the transplanted hair to be lost or there will be no impact on it? Regards

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Always check with your surgeon if you want to use or stop a specific treatment (such as rogaine). It will not affect

Always check with your surgeon if you want to use or stop a specific treatment (such as Rogaine).  It should not affect transplanted hair if you stop using Rogaine.

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Minoxidil on hair transplants

There is no benefit of minoxidil to transplanted hair. I studied this on dozens of patients where I put minoxidil on one side and not the other. There was no different in the final growth or the time these grafts started to grow.

William Rassman, MD
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Transplanted Hair

Should not be affected by minoxidil and the use of it can help maintain native hairs so it is not a bad idea. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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