Dx with mild capsular contracture at 11 weeks post op.

My PS told me that I had mild capsular contracture. He told me to massage aggressively and he gave me Accolate. I know my right one is higher and more firm, but the implant itself is squishy. It was also my smaller breast w a larger implant than my left...so I assumed this was normal. I am now 12 weeks and taking my Rx with Vit E, fish oil, massaging and wearing a tight band at night. Is there any way I can beat this w/out surgery? Or that I was misinformed?BA-donut lift- 650cc HP -dual plane.

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Capsular Contracture Treatment

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Hello, From what you describe, it sounds like you got good advice by pre-2005 standards. However, based on what we know about capsular contracture today, there is nothing you are doing that is effective, and worse, taking Accolate puts you at a small but real risk of liver toxicity; greater then it's supposed benefits.  Same with vitamin E, which is not healthy to take above 200 I.U. daily, increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease later in life. Stop the massage, stop the vitamin E, stop the Accolate, and stop the band. Wait until you are 6 to 9 months out and re-assess. If it is better, great. If it is worse or you are still unhappy with your results, discuss revision surgery. Based on your surgeon's current plan, you should visit a few second opinion consultations with ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons expert in revision breast surgery.Best of luck!

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Contractures within months from augmentation

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are very rare in my 25+ year experience.  I think if you stay the course and be aggressive with your massage and strap use only over the top of the fuller one, there is a good chance things will even out.  Photos would help immensely in better understanding your plight.  If its truly a contracture (your breast is more firm when pinched form the bottom compared to the other side), then you will have some serious decision making to consider in how best to deal with it if nothing improves with time.

Curtis Wong, MD
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