Dubble Bubble Foreseeable?

When a PS examins you, should he or she be able to determin if you are at risk for developing dubble bubble? Or is it just this mysterious thing that happens while the implants are in? From my understand most skilled surgeons should be able to foresee the risk of such a consecration with in a patient?! Maybe I'm wrong?

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Double bubble

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A double bubble can't always be avoided. It can happen with a narrow breast base and using a wide implant, it can also happen when the implant migrates below the fold.

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Easy to predict

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It is usually very obvious who needs a mastopexy combined with breast augmentation pre op. You should consent for the breast lift prior to surgery and not leave the OR, ever, with a double bubble. Not a mystery but poor planning in my opinion

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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