Why dont you offer simple HLA test for risk of autoimmune response before patients consent to breast implant surgery?

Why aren't there more regulations regarding breast implants and why don't surgeons offer simple HLA test for genetic factors for risk of autoimmune response before consenting to surgery. Wouldn't this be much better to have a peace of mind for your patients, since you care so much about them?

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Tissue Typing And Breast Implants

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Tissue typing for HLA and MHC antigens is not a simple or inexpensive test. These tests are very important for anyone who is either in need of or is considering gifting an organ. It is very important to match these antigens as closely as possible to minimize the potential of failure of that transplanted organ. Failure occurs when the host's immune system recognizes the transplanted organ as 'non-self', leading to a rejection of the organ.

Breast implants, heart valves, and other devices like artificial knee and hip joints don't have any HLA or MHC antigens because they are not living tissue. When they are placed in the human body, they do not stimulate any immune response, and are simply 'walled off' in scar tissue. It is impossible to 'reject' any of these devices, and that is why we don't do those tests for our patients that we do care about very much!

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