Capsular Contracture at 11 weeks???? (photos)

I am 12 weeks post and dx with mild capsular contracture a week ago. I am devastated as I was really starting to get used to the girls. My right is more "firm" and higher, but it was also significantly smaller pre op. The implant itself is just as squishy as the other, but it has more upper fullness and feels like the skin is pulled tighter across the top. Am I just wishful thinking that this is part of the process and my PS was incorrect? (BA-DONUTlift-660ccR 710ccL-HPdualplane)

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CC at 3 months

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is very unusual, especially if your surgeon did everything possible to help prevent contamination of the implant, such as the use of Keller funnels and antibiotic irrigation.  I would continue with your post-op instructions and if massage is part of that, please do not stop.  Allow yourself to heal and if your implants feel similar when pinching breasts from below, its unlikely there is a contracture.

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Early Capsular Contracture

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Hello,It is possible that you are developing early cc (despite some surgeon's attestations that it doesn't exist), and the fact that your surgeon utilized a periareolar incision increases your risk for capsular contracture in general. Because it is mild, and you are only at 12 weeks, you should sit tight and re-evaluate at 6 months. It is entirely possible that things soften on their own with time. You do not need to massage, wear a strap, take vitamin E or any other drugs, as none of them has a demonstrable effect on the prevention or treatment of capsular contracture. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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