What will need to be done to my breasts? (photos)

I absolutely loathe my breasts and the shape of them. I understand they are tuberous breasts and I constantly wish I could just be normal! What sort of procedure(s) would need doing to make mine normal? P.S I am young, any chance they will grow and become rounded?

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Tuberous breast correction #plasticsurgery

You appear to have tuberous breast anatomy. A reasonable approach would be a dual-plane breast augmentation with a smooth round silicone implant and a peri-areolar breast lift for purposes of reducing the diameter of your areola. 

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What will need to be done to my breasts?

Thank you for the question and the photo. You have a condition called tubular breast. Tuberous breast affects the shape of the breast. The change in shape can Range from mild to severe. Generally speaking, tuberous breast can be classified into three grades. Grade I, the constriction affects the inferior medial aspect of the breast. Grade 2, constriction of the inferior medial and lateral aspect of the breast. Grade 3, there is significant constriction of the breast base and herniation of the breast tissue behind the nipple areola complex.The treatment of tuberous breast varies and depend on the deformity. The condition can affect one breast or both breast with variable degrees. The treatment can be simple lift of the breast. Scarring or excision of the herniated breast tissue is essential to expand the breast. Other treatment methods include tissue expansion, breast augmentation with implants and breast lift.

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A breast augmentation combined with a lift may offer you pleasing results.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to “outgrow” tuberous breasts. Breast implants combined with a lift is your best bet in transforming your breasts for a more natural, aesthetically pleasing shape. During the combination of breast enhancement procedures, a plastic surgeon can reduce the size of your areolas and reshape your breasts. With tuberous breasts, the lower part of the breast is surgically opened and implants are added to offer a more traditional, tear-drop shaped appearance to the breasts. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement procedures in order to obtain optimal results. Best of luck to you.

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Choosing a surgeon, choosing an implant, getting the best results

There is not much to be gained by labeling someone with tuberous breasts.  An operative plan should be developed based on your anatomy.  Whether that is breast implantation, lift or reduction, symmetrization or some combination of procedures, there is no particular point in stigmatizing your breast shape.  A properly trained, skilled and ethical plastic surgeon can develop a plan based on your anatomy and give you the outcome that you desire.  I see absolutely no point in diagnosing someone with tuberous breasts or restricted base deformity.  Stigmatizing a young person can have an effect on the way they perceive the outcome, even if it is outstanding.

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What will need to be done to my breasts?

Thank you for your question.  Your photo demonstrates tubular breasts.  Generally, this is corrected with a combination of implants and a breast lift to reduce the areola and release the lower pole of the breast.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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Tuberous breast

Thank you for your photos. Don't worry, many patients have similar breast shapes and ptosis similar to yours and can achieve a total transformation and natural results. You may benefit from both a breast lift and implant placement with special techniques used to score and expand your breast tissue to change it from a cylinder (tube) to a more conical and natural shape. At the same time, the areolas can be reduced in size and made more symmetric using the same incisions used for the lift and implants. It is important to have a thorough in-office examination so the right technique and implants can be determined. Hope this helps! Johnson C. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery

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Tuberous breasts

Your breasts will stop growing around 18yrs of age, unfortunately this breast "deformity" will not change significantly with time. Undergoing a lift with augmentation is the correct operation for you. Undergoing implant augmentation alone will likely not get you as good of a result as lift+aug. Good luck.

Nathan Eberle, MD, DDS
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Hate breast shape

You have a component of tuberous breast deformity which can be corrected beautifully with a simultaneous breast lift (vertical mastopexy) and implant augmentation. Please avoid any other suboptimal lift. Please see examples below.

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The appearance can be improved

Hi Brandy.Snaps,Thank you for reaching out, and I'm so sorry you're feeling self-conscious about how your breasts look. You are right, you have tuberous breasts, and they won't change on their own. If you decide that they bother you enough to warrant surgery, the correction involves a number of steps. First, an incision is made around the areola, reducing the "herniation" of breast tissue coming through the areola. This reduces the puffy appearance of the central breast. The areola is also made smaller and more proportional. The lower part of the breast that is tight is released and internally opened to allow more of a tear-drop appearance. We typically place a small implant behind the breast to help with the appearance as well.This is a surgery that often increases confidence tremendously in patients. I remember a young patient with tuberous breasts who played sports once telling me that the was too embarrassed to change into her uniform on the team bus because she didn't want anyone to see how she looked. That made an impression on me about how much this condition can affect girls. Part of life is accepting ourselves for who we are and learning to feel good about the things that make us unique. But it's also ok to make improvents if the risks are reasonably low and the benefits are high. Since this bothers you a lot, I recommend going to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon near you about correcting this. Please keep us posted!Dr. Weintraub

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Treating the tuberous breast

You should wait until you are at least 18 and all breast growth and development has stopped. This will not self-correct however. Tuberous breasts are among the hardest starting point for breast aesthetic surgery and require significant experience on the surgeon's part. Results will not be the same as in a patient will well shaped breasts that are just small. A combinations of implant augmentation, tissue releasing, and areolar reduction and lifting is the plan for most patients. 

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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