Asian, thin, damaged skin: is my skin permanently damaged/discolored from TCA 30%? (Photos)

My face was applied with TCA 30%, it wasn't neutralized 'cause I was told that TCA neutralizes on its own. However, after about 3 minutes, it was washed off with a gentle cleanser. Turned brown immediately. Petroleum jelly was applied right after. The next morning, it was reapplied. Please do see my pictures. These were taken after the TCA was applied 2-3 days ago. Take a look mostly at my chin, it feels smooth unlike the other areas that seem kind of rough. My cheeks feel a little bit rough.

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TCA is self neutralising... see video

What were you trying to achieve with a 30 % TCA on Asian skin type? Peel technique all wrong. You have patches and the whole face is not even. No buffering, I hope you saw a Specialist. 

Regardless, our job is to help you not comment on the procedure. Video shows how to do things safely at a percentage that I personally think is SAFE for therapist and non- Specialists. 

OK, now you need to see a specialist for gentle QSL - YAG- Pico lasers, SPF max, and HQ creams .This will take 4-6 months to settle down. Thats the good news, at least there is no permanent  scars. 

Stay safe

Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation -- Skin Lightening, Light Peels, microsecond YAG

I suggest you see an expert , a combination approach is typically needed for improvement. Best, Dr. emer

Jason Emer, MD
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