Areolar reduction during gynecomastia surgery?

I heard from doctors that areola size decreases after gyecomastia surgery. My areola diameter are 36mm (1.42 inches). Will my areola size decrease to the right size by the gynecomastia surgery alone? or are they too large and require areolar reduction?

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Areolar reduction

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Sometimes areolar reduction helps to harmonize the appearance of the male chest so that there is not disproportion between the diameter of the areola and the size of the remaining breast tissue. Discussing with your board certified plastic surgeon can help facilitate whether or not you would benefit from an areolar reduction. Best, TMM

Possible Areola Reduction with Gynecomastia

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An additional issue with obese men is that they may have a degree of breast ptosis (droopiness) or even skin excess. The treatment for these patients will involve skin excision, areolar reduction, breast lift, or a combination of the three. These cases need to be addressed on an individual manner and the resultant scars and risks need to be explained fully to the patients. In some cases the procedures will need to be staged.
Therefore if you are unhappy in any way with the size or placement of your areolae then it is completely up to you in the consultation with your surgeon to add that to the surgery you will plan. Either of these procedures can be included in your gynecomastia, so you are always welcome to ask for the procedure to meet all of your requests completely.

Areolar reduction after gynecomastia

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Thank you for your question and your areolas will change very little with this surgery but if you want them smaller it can be done but the scar will be more noticeable.  I would speak with your surgeon and discuss your concerns so your result will be what you want.

Spontaneous areolar reduction during gynecomastia surgery

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Yes, during routine gynecomastia surgery, the areolar diameter will spontaneously diminish during the actual operation, anywhere from 10 - 20% of the original diameter.  Since most guys have an areolar diameter of 25-30mm, you should end up close to "normal."  You do not need an additional areolar reduction incision, which in my experience, can lead to additional and unpredictable scars.  You can read more about this on my website, which is totally devoted to gynecomastia surgery. w ww.gynecomastianewyork.comGood luck!
Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS
New York City

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