2 months post-op TT. Am I gonna be stuck with this pouch? (Photos)

I'm 2 month post op from my tummy tuck. These are my pictures before and 2 month post op. My belly button down so my lower abdomen when I sit I have a pouch. I can't tell the difference between swelling and fat. When I stand it's flat but till a little bump on my lower abdomen. I wear my garment for compression 24 hours a day unless I take a shower or wash it. Am I gonna be stuck with that pouch?

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Lower abdominal swelling 2 months after surgery.

Greetings,  You appear (in your photos) to have a fine result from your surgery at this early time.  
Swelling may continue to resolve in the coming months and your increasing activity/exercise will probably be helpful.  You might discuss your binder fit and use as well as activity levels with your plastic surgeon for peace of mind.
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Your results are EXCELLENT

and everyone has some laxity with sitting.  Tummy tucks are evaluated standing and yours is flat.  If you remain concerned, you can discuss them with your surgeon but when you compare your results to your pre-op photos, you have a 'wow' result!

Curtis Wong, MD
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Tummy Tuck Results

Hello,I would not be too concerned at this point; swelling after a TT can take 6 months or more. Keep a positive attitude, eat well, exercise, and re-evaluate in 6 months. If you are still unhappy, tell your doctor. It is possible  you may need liposuction around the lower abdominal area to optimize your result, however that cannot be determined at this time. Best of luck!

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2 months post-op TT. Am I gonna be stuck with this pouch?

Congratulations on a very nice result from surgery. You appear to have an excellent result. The swelling that you're describing at the lower part of your abdomen, is common after a tummy tuck. It's the lowest part of your tummy, so the swelling tends to collect in this area. With time, this will go away.

Austin Hayes, MD
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Will I Be Stuck With A Lower Abdominal Pouch That I Have 2 Months Post Op?

Kudos to you.  You picked an excellent plastic surgeon.  Your belly button, your abdominoplasty incision, your flank liposuction all appear to be well done, and you apparently had a BBL that looks great at 2 months.
The lower part of your abdomen, which is the pouch you are referring to, is merely dependent swelling that is very common at this stage post op.  Give it at least 6 months for new lymphatics to grow and drain this area.  
WOW!  Your Mommy Makeover obviously was done by a master Board Certified plastic surgeon.


Thank you for the photos and you appear to have an excellent result but if you have concerns express them to your surgeon
Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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2 months post-op TT. Am I gonna be stuck with this pouch?

Whoever did your surgery did a really, really top notch job!  To get from where you started to where you are in one operation is excellent.  After a tummy tuck, the tissues just above the incision line remain swollen (the pouch you are talking about--I think) for 6-9 months until the proper lymph drainage is re-established.  It will get even better.

William A. Terranova, MD
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