13 weeks post open septorhinoplasty - bump on nose. Help please! (Photo)

13 wks post op - as well as septoplasty and turbinoplasty, my bridge width was narrowed & tip made more symmetric. I'm worried my surgeon was too conservative - will the bridge continue to slim down further? My main concern is the left side of nose - there is a bump. Surgeon is not worried, says it's just swelling & that he did more work on that side. Nose is still extremely tender and hard so hoping he's right. Would love another opinion - trying to be patient but scared it will stay like this!

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Post op septorhionplasty

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You are very early on in the recovery period.  There is still a lot of swelling so I wouldn't make any final judgments at this point.  It is hard but be patient!

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Your photos are completely insufficient at revealing anything, other than a subtle septal deviation. If your nose is tender and hard, it is swollen and needs more time to heal, usually at least 6 to 9 months. If you want a second opinion, it is best to see another surgeon(s) in consultation so that you can be examined. Best of luck.

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