10 weeks after BA 345cc Unders right breast not dropping, is weight lifting effecting this? (photos)

All ready 10 weeks After BA having trouble with the right side dropping, I'm right-handed I have physical/athletic lifestyle Working out 6 days a week .. I'm back in to lifting not really heavy but doing upper body exercises..I don't know if this might be affecting the process . But my left breast had totally drop.. and I'm having tightness, soreness and feel light pain in my right breast.. it's possible cc.. I'm not seeing my PS yet so worry now!

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10 weeks after BA 345cc Unders right breast not dropping, is weight lifting effecting this?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as welll... maybe you shouldn't start doing that activity that soon after surgery. Implants can move and if you have them under the muscle, even more when they're too soon from surgery. Go to your PS for a check up.

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10 Weeks Post Op


Thank you for your question and photos.  It can take 6 months for the breasts to completely soften and drop. At ten weeks you should be cleared to work out your upper body. I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon so that they can advise you.

All the best

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Implants will settle

if smooth round implants were used.  If textured anatomic implants were used, they are designed not to move much after placement.  Weight lifting should not prevent downward settling and if under the muscle, will accelerate descent, sometimes too much so I do not encourage my patients with submuscular implants to strengthen their chest muscles.  And when I evaluate breast mounds, I look for how level the tops are as its the part that the world sees... not whether the folds are level with each other.

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Give it more time

i don't believe your weight lifting has much to do with this. Nor does, if you are right or left handed. It can take 3-4 months for the implants to fully drop and some people can be a bit slower. Also, it is possible that your breasts pre-operatively were a bit different and that is being reflected in the difference you see now. This is better determined by looking at your pre op photos and looking for differences from side to side. It is quite common for there to be some differences from the left and right breast, and after the BA there are still some differences in shape and volume between the two sides. 

if after waiting 4- 5 months and one side is still sitting higher, it is possible to go back to the operating room and have the surgeon, lower that side. This is a much easier operation than your original BA.

btw it is common for one side to be more uncomfortable than the other side and this has nothing to do with whether it is the better looking side etc. both sides can behave somewhat differently. with time, the pain and discomfort will go away. i think the fact that you are active and athletic, will help you.

hang in there.

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