BL BA 12 days ago: 335cc sil. unders. 3 days PO I saw my PS for swelling lft breast. Day 11 it's back (Photo)

I have felt great and have prob been too active. I have had some mild bruising from day 1. No redness or pain but some left shoulder pain. My PS said no bra for 2 weeks. I feel like some support/compression could've made a difference. I am going to call my PS on Monday. Does anyone else recommend their patients go sans compression bra? I am very small framed, 5'5" 107lbs. Very athletic, muscular build. Should I be concerned about this increased swelling. It's on the upper left breast and rib.

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Increased swelling can occur when too active after breast lift and augmentation

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It is certainly possible that you're increased activity has caused your breasts to swell more.  Your photographs do not show anything alarming.

A support bra is important for your comfort however I do not like to limit the motion of the breast implants and generally keep the surgical bra primarily open with chest support for the bottom of the breast.

Please see her plastic surgeon for an examination and consultation.

Breast swelling

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Hi and Thank you for your question.  It looks like the implant on the left side is riding a little higher. Tiny chance that there may be a small accumulation of blood. I often have my patients go without a bra especially when tight like you. We do this because we don't want to hinder the implant from coming down. 
Some Dr's wrap the patients high on the breasts to try move the implants down while other's use massaging techniques, or a combination of the above.
At this stage everything in your case looks normal to me.

Swelling After Breast Augmentation with Breast Lilft

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Your pictures indicate significant bilateral swelling of your breasts following breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. This appears to be slightly worse on the left, where there's some minimal bruising and slight superior implant malposition.

Although these findings are most likely associated with normal post-operative swelling, a small hematoma can't be ruled out. For this reason, it's appropriate to be re-evaluated by your surgeon.

If the evaluation is negative, it's reasonable to utilize a compression wrap to minimize swelling. This will help minimize pain and make the overall experience more comfortable.

Swelling after breast augmentation

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Your photos are helpful, but an exam is needed for accurate advice. Based on your photos, it appears as if you have slightly more swelling on the left side. A history of bruising on the same side might indicate a small hematoma, but it could be normal healing. If the swelling is getting worse and the breast is becoming tight and uncomfortable, I would recommend returning soon to your surgeon to make sure all is OK.

Your photos don't show anything obvious

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so if there are progressive acute changes, nothing bad should be happening.  Regardless, its ALWAYS best to check with your surgeon whom you placed your trust in and selected from a long list of surgeons as your surgeon should be equally motivated as you are to achieve the best result possible.

BL BA 12 days ago: 335cc sil. unders. 3 days PO I saw my PS for swelling lft breast. Day 11 it's back

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Appears as asymmetry with or without fluid build up (blood or fluids). Also could be pro left pocket dissection as another cause. Best to seek ONLY IN PERSON opinions

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