California Aquamid Doctor Recommendations

Is there a doctor who injects this filler in California?

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Not yet

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Aquamid is in a Clnical Trial and I believe that this clinical trial has met its enrollment goals. So unless you already enrolled it is too late.

Aquamid is a permanet filler which as its name would imply is mostly based on water. The other main ingredient is polyacrylamide. Having a water base Aquamid is supposed to not cause irritation and not form the granulomas and lumpsknown filler Artefill was plagued with.

Personally, I am leary of permanent fillers. Also,one of the values of this site is that it reaches a world wide audience. I would suggest you check member's experiences in Europe before jumping into this. There appear to be a number of people who have had unhappy experiences with this product.

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