How Long Will the Pain Last? (photo)

I had my Tt on June 6,2013 and had to have an surgery on June 26,2013 to fix a hemameto and hernia on my left side. If I don't have enough compression on my left side I feel like am going to open up and pain. My ps a sure me I won't he stated that's where he went back in through the same incision scar and I'm happy for that. I alway have to wear a tight compression so I can exercise without pain on the left, if I don't have good compression I get sick.

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Is abdominoplasty painful?

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Abdominoplasty is a major surgery, and as with any major surgery you should expect some pain. However Dr. Gawley is dedicated to making your recovery as comfortable as possible. He will prescribe pain relievers as needed and also offers the On-Q pain pump system which delivers local anesthetic to the surgical area for several days after your operation.

Significant pain three months after in abdominoplasty is unusual.

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Because of the repair of the abdominal wall in addition to the abdominoplasty one would expect pain to be somewhat more persistent. Nevertheless, you should be noticing a favorable trend from week to week.

How Long Will the Pain Last?

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Post operative long standing pain is a very subjective phoneme. Causes could be intrepid nerve, sympathetic dystrophy issue. Best to follow up with your surgeon or obtain in person second opinions .// 

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