Would 400cc Look Very Un-natural? (photo)

I am 5'3, 96lbs, and wear a size 3. I have decided on getting silicone implants but i am still undecided about the size. I am latina and have hips and a butt but i am very slim from the top. I liked the look of 350cc so the nurse recommended 400cc as she said that once the implant is placed behind the muscle it looses about 25%, therefore a 400cc will end up looking like a 350cc. Is this right? Or is 400cc to big? Please help. Thank you!

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Would 400cc Look Very Un-natural?

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It is true that  that the sizers look larger when tried on in the office than the same size imlant would look placed surgically. I suggest using implants about 10% larger, so 400 seems appropriate by that standard.

But more importantly is the measurement of the width of your breast. For a high profile implant, unless your own breast width is 12 cm or greater,which seems doubtful, I would be cautious about that large an implants.  

All the best 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Implant sizing and selection

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Pick the size (volume) implants you are happy with how you look when "trying them on".  If you're waffling, take the bigger of the two sizes.  Then the style/shape of the silicone gel implant will need to be determined based on you chest and breast dimensions.  

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Sizing of implants for submuscular breast augmentation

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You have done well by having a sizing exercise performed to see what size range you desire.  The nurse that told you that we sometimes lose some projection of the implant once it is placed beneath the muscle is correct; I'm not sure it's as much as 25%, but we may lose some.  Most implants come in increments of 25 to 30 cc, at least in the size range you are considering, and I can tell you that 30 cc is an ounce (a shot glass) in volume.  Thus, we aren't talking about huge swings in volume either way.  If a patient tells me she is the kind of girl who is likely to wake up and feel that her breasts may be a little small even if they look good, I would err on the side of increasing by 25 cc, maybe 50 cc, in the O.R. if it looked good to me, however, if she were to tell me that she would be OK knowing that she could have gone larger, but she is happy not to have pushed the envelope, then I would simply stay with the size of implant that she tried on in the office.  I also will have patients bring in images of breasts they like, and if the upper poles are full on those breasts, I tend to err toward increasing the implant size in the O.R.  If they are not as full, then I tend to stick pretty much to the size that the patient tried on.  I also use my judgement in the O.R. with sizers, and if an increase in size causes the breasts to look too "bulky" in my opinion, then I won't increase the size.  Just for reference, a 400 cc implant is about average in my practice, so it's not way out in left field, but you are a bit smaller than the average lady too, and 400 cc may be a bit full for your frame, even in a high profile.  I can tell you that I personally rarely increase the implant size more than 25 cc over what the patient has selected in the office, and I also rarely take patients back to the O.R. to change their implants because of dissatisfaction with size.  I would if they asked me, but we just don't have that issue arise very much in our practice.  If you have any questions at all about the sizing, just repeat it and confirm for yourself what the optimal size of implants is for you.  Good luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Implant Selection Process

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Without examining you, I would recommend the 400cc.  In order to make an accurate size recommendation, I would need to assess your chest wall and breast mound measurements and characteristics.  Unfortunately, there is not a general rule of thumb or objective criteria to implant selection.

Your plastic surgeon will perform several measurements of your chest wall and breast anatomy and determine a range of implants that both fit your chest wall and reach your desired goals.
The next step is to try on this range of implants in the office with your doctor.   The key to this success is showing your surgeon the body proportion you desire with a bra sizer and allowing your surgeon to guide you to the right implant.   It will be much easier to communicate in implant cc's than cup size when determining the appropriate implant for you.
I wish you a safe recovery and fantastic result.
Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Would 400cc implants look unnatural?

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You are very small but if you liked the look of the 350cc implant when you tried them on, I agree that going with a 375-400cc HP implant would be a good decision if you are going under the muscle.  Double check with your surgeon to determine what profile she/he recommends.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

400 cc too big

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The best implants are silicone gel placed retro-pectoral since they look and feel more natural and are less likely to ripple.  However, 400 cc implants are quite large and would probably not fit in the retro-pectoral position.  Implants this large will extrude inferiorly and laterally and you will require revision.  I suggest you consider smaller implants placed retro-pectoral.  You have slight asymmetry and would benefit from a new technique called Breast Augmentation with Mini Ultimate Breast Lift.  Using only a circumareola incision it is possible to reshape your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevate them higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage.  Through the same incision, an implant can be placed.  Aligning the areola, breast tissue and implant over the bony prominence of the chest wall gives maximum anterior projection with a minimal size implant.  You will need different size implants since your left side is smaller than the right.


Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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400 cc is usually not too big if you start with very little.

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I'm a little concerned that the nurse recommended this and not your surgeon.   I would not agree that the implant "loses about 25% behind the muscle" although it is true that once the implant is inside you it doesn't look the same as one stuffed in your bra.  You are tiny. 400 cc is about the maximum given your frame and skin tightness.  But I think you would like it.  A high profile might be a good option for you to keep the base from being too wide for your frame.  But this is a discussion that most appropriately takes place between you and your surgeon.  Have a look at photos of other women with your body type and see what you think.  I've attached a link.

Eric Swanson, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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What size after using sizers?

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If you were comfortable with the 350 cc sizer in your bra, a 400 cc implant should be fine and create that look you saw... realize this is how your will be undressed and any padding will make your larger.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation - 400cc implants

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Precise measurements of your breasts should be used to determine which implants fit your breasts.  A range should be offered to you during your consultation in various profiles.  If the only person who measured you is the office nurse, get a second opinion.  That doesn't sound like a reliable one visit consultation.  Best Wishes!

In the right ballpark as far as implant sizes

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If you liked the look of a 375 cc sizing implant then you are in the right ballpark as far as implant size.  Placed behind the muscle you may look a little smaller but not 25% smaller.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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