One month post closed Rhinoplasty and NO change at all?? The anxiety over this upsetting me. (photos)

30 days since my closed hump removal, minimal swelling.I've been taking regular pictures to track the progress and...nothing. My nose looks exactly the same in the before/after pictures. I look the same. I'm starting to become really quite upset :( The bump feels hard and literally looks exactly the same. I feel like if I didn't say which photo was which no one could tell which is before and which is after. I just want to cry. Is there anything I can do? What's the earliest I can have revision?

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No change after Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question and pictures.  You should feel comfortable discussing your concerns with your doctor but understand it is early in the healing period.  Your doctor likely will reserve judgement until more of the swelling has resolved.

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Closed Rhinoplasty

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Thank you very much for your question, and for providing some pictures.
Hang in there!  You are only 1 month out from your procedure.  It is very common to have significant swelling at this point which is hiding your true nose shape.  The swelling can take up to a year to settle down fully.  I would continue to follow closely with your surgeon and follow their recommendations.

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One month post op

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At one month post op, remember that you will still have swelling over the area.  Granted, I completely understand and share your concerns as by this point there should have been an improvement in the area.  Have you spoken to the operating surgeon? They would know how things looked "on the table" and be better able to guide you through the recovery process, particularly if you are starting to make scar tissue over the site of the hump removal.  Usually you want to wait at least 9-12 months before a revision as the nose takes time to heal.  Best of luck.

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One month post closed Rhinoplasty and NO change at all?? The anxiety over this upsetting me.

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 Without a complete set of before and after photos- it's difficult to comment accurately and completely. If the photos you shared are before and after- i share your concern. I would expect a more elegant profile. Please, discuss your concerns with your Operating Surgeon and if still not satisfied- seek a second opinion

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