I had a tummy tuck 5 months ago. My stomach is still a round shape; why?

My stomach was flate after the surgery 2 months later my stomach get around my dr didn't now why is that

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Post-op Tummy Tuck

It is not possible to give you a definitive answer as review of your photos and a physical exam would be required.  It is important to understand that there is a limit to the amount of flattening that is possible.  Many patients fail to understand the importance of the intra-abdominal fat.  This is fat that lies behind the muscle and is around the internal organs.  This cannot be removed during a tummy tuck so it will remain and can limit the ability of the abdomen to be flattened during the procedure.  Of course there are other reasons that may account for your postoperative result so you should discuss this further with your surgeon or seek a consultation with another physician.

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I had a tummy tuck 5 months ago. My stomach is still a round shape; why?

Thank you for the question. It is difficult to answer your question without examining you or seeing pre and post op photos. Also did you have plication and if you did there is a chance that has weakened or it dehiscence which maybe contributing to your outcome. It is best to see your board certified plastic surgeon again. Good luck.

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