Laser or traditional lipo which one is better?

Hello I am 5'8" 183lbs and I will be getting full body lipo,fat grafting and breast lift. I want to know what form of lipo is better for the body laser or traditional lipo

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Laser or traditional liposuction

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Thank you for asking about your liposuction and breast lift.

  • In general, traditional or pulsatile pr water ket liposuction is better than laser liposuction - less risk of chronic pain and skin burns
  • For fat grafting - traditional or pulsatile or water jet liposuction is essential.
  • The laser liposuction will kill all the fat cells and 100% of your fat grafts will fail.
  • If a doctor has recommended laser liposuction for fat grafting - s/he lacks the basic knowledge needed to perform this procedure competently.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes.

Laser lipo vs traditional liposuction

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There has been a large amount of marketing of laser lipo.  The doctors who have bought these expensive machines will claim they are better and most report skin tightening as the added benefit to laser liposuction.  To date, I am unaware of any study showing laser liposuction (or any other device) to be better than traditional liposuction, and the skin tightening effect they report with laser lipo (which is mild) may be just the individual's skin contracting due to elasticity of the skin.  
Of the patients I have spoken with that have had laser liposuction, they are relatively unhappy with the results, especially with the difference in pricing between laser lipo and traditional liposuction.  
I think you could put traditional liposuction before and afters next to laser liposuction before and afters and wouldn't be able to tell a difference.  It is more important to find a good surgeon than a good machine.
I hope your surgery goes well and you obtain the results you want!

W. Bryant Walker, MD
Jackson Physician

Lipo, laser vs trad

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There are pros and cons to both.  Your best bet is a combination approach.  These days it can all be done under local anesthesia, outpatient.  

Edmond A. Zingaro, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Traditional liposuction fits your situation

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Thank you for your question.  

I agree with other commentators that laser liposuction is destructive to the fat cells and that if you are considering fat grafting, the fat will be much more likely to survive as a graft if it is handled relatively gently, as in traditional liposuction.  I also agree that the laser liposuction has been touted for being more broadly useful than it probably is, partially driven by the manufacturers of the devices and surgeons' desire to appear up-to-date.  We are willing to try things that are based in science, but in liposuction, the direct physical removal of the fat cells has always been effective, especially in the hands of experienced and properly trained surgeons. It is always best to be sure that you have a very clear understanding of what is planned and why.  Everyone will be happier with that. 

Good luck with your procedures. 

Fading enthusiasm for laser assisted liposuction.

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I no longer use liposuction aided by ultrasound or laser. The anticipated benefits never worked out in the thermal damage created by these modalities are unnecessary and damaging.

Forms of liposuction

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Despite the marketing hype - which comes mostly from the manufacturers of the various branded lasers and the docs that bought them - there is very little good scientific evidence proving that one form of liposuction is superior in results to another form.

It's much more important to pick a good surgeon, than picking the gadget used.  It's about the carpenter, not the hammer.

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