Can I expect that my breasts will change if one seems smaller than the other with inverted nipples? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op. I was apx a size F-G, and I was adamant that I wanted a small C. It doesn't look like I am a small C to me, but my doc says after the swelling, I should expect that I will be smaller, and I am still a bit swollen on both. My left breast seems to be a bit bigger than the right. Under both breasts I have an open fold and an odor. I want to be on a positive note, but worried caus this doesn't seem normal. Can there be corrections?

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Postop breast reduction

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Generally breasts are asymmetric a baseline and they may remain so after surgery despite the surgeons best efforts to make them more symmetric.  5 weeks after surgery is still quite early in the scheme of healing and you really need to give the swelling a good 2-4 months before everything settles out.  If blatant asymmetry is still present after all of the swelling resolves, revisions for symmetry, etc can be performed.  That being said, if you have severe pain on one side and the breast feels much more swollen than the opposite side or hard it may be a collection of fluid in the breast.  Certainly if you have a foul odor, drainage, and an open wound you need to schedule a visit with your surgeon for an examination as soon as possible to ensure there is no infection.

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Helayne Hershan, RN

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Yes, corrections can occur but it is way too early to tell.  5 weeks post surgery is really nothing in the scheme of swelling.  The odor needs to be looked at by a professional because sometimes an odor can mean infection.. Having an infection can decrease healing time and must be treated seriously.  As far as nipple inversion, that has a minimal chance of correcting itself..Patience for a good result is the key to a successful Breast Reduction.

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