I Am 6 Days Post Full Tt and Lipo of Hips and Back. Severe Pain in Right Groin That Radiates to Lateral Knee. Numb As Well?

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Pain in groin after tummy tuck and liposuction

     The pain could be from the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve that is causing the pain in the thigh.  Occasionally, the genitofemoral nerve can be injured as well, which may be giving you pains in the groin.  These two will most likely resolve.  You are at the point of maximal swelling, and elevation of the legs and pubic region may help this pain as well.

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Numbness after Tummy Tuck

You may have some irritation of the nerve that gives you sensation to the area of concern.  The nerve is the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  Time is the best answer here to allow for improvement.

Dr. ES

Groin to knee pain may be related to a sensory nerve.

You probably have some irritation or injury to your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  Google "Meralgia paresthetica", but don't be too alarmed as this will most likely get better on its own in your case.  Tell your plastic surgeon about it.

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Groin pain after a tummy tuck

Thank you for your question.  A tummy tuck with all the liposuction is a big surgical procedure.  You will experience many pains and discomforts over the next 4-6 weeks.  The groin pain is most likely due to a nerve or the deep suture repair.  It will pass.  The drain can be uncomfortable as well. Good luck, you will do well.

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Pain in Right Groin That Radiates to Lateral Knee. Numb

There are a number of nerve injuries or compressions that can give the symptoms you describe. Usually these improve spontaneously as selling resolves. I visit to your surgeon is in order. Best wishes.

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Pain and Numbness After Lipo and Abdominoplasty!!!

It is quite common to experience numbness and pain after liposuction and in the case of the abdominoplasty specifically in the area you are mentioning which is due to lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  Time is your best ally and keeping your hips bent should help.

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