Is a BR revision possible, if not happy with the size or nipples? Why's there excessive dry and peeling skin on breasts? (Photo)

I had a BR in early December 2013--maybe an H and asked for a small C (I'm not a C at all--more like DD). Post op, my nipples are different on both sides, and sunken in. Not happy. I had full round perky nipples before. What are the possibilities of a revision to re-do to smaller size like I asked for in the first place? Also, I oiled and massaged, and nothing. My skin around my breasts, especially the sides and underneath are extremely dry and peeling.

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3 months post breast reduction

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When you start out with very large breasts, you can not make them too small without compromising the shape and possibly the viability of the skin flaps and the pedicle. At this point, you need to give it more time to heal. A revision is possible, but I would wait at least 6 months if not longer.

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BR Revision

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Since you are just under 3 months out from your breast reduction, you can still anticipate changes to help mature the look of your breast.  At 6-8 weeks out from surgery, the incisions and internal breast scars are the most firm and tight they will ever be, and from this point on, they will begin to soften and relax.  This should help even out the size and shape of your nipples.  I would not recommend a revision to achieve a smaller size until you are at least 6 months out from your first operation.  Give it a couple months to see if it improves, and then if you are still not happy with the size you can begin to plan a revision.

Kyle Song, MD
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