My Eyes Look Screwy 23 Days Post Upper and Lower Bephs, Rhino Plasty and Browlift? (photo)

Is this normaL??? I look like I have Downs syndrome. One eye is stretched and oval and the other one is round and set back. A girl I was roomates with had the same surgeries minus the rhinoplasty and her eyes look normal and fabulous (and her surgery was 6 days after mine) Does the rhinoplasty make a difference in delayed eye healing?? Thanks in advance for your help!!

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I am so sorry you are unhappy with your surgical result.

Although your surgeon might have soft peddled how much surgery this actually is, now that you are living the recovery you probably understand that this was a fair amount of facial surgery all at once. You do appear to have some symmetry issues with the eyes.  In fairness, the pictures you have attached are not idea (short focal length lens, image taken too close to the face, less than idea facial positioning).  The essential thing is to understand that 3 weeks out from surgery is very early.  It will be 3 or 4 months before you have a solid idea of what is going on.  I suspect that you will have issues with the eyelid surgery and possible you will benefit from revisional surgery.  However, it is also possible that the symmetry issues will be less bothersome with several months of healing.  For now, please give yourself time to heal, try not to freak out.  If you feel yourself becoming depressed over your appearance, this is very common and friends may or may not be helpful.  If needed consider reaching out to a therapist to talk about your feelings.  Things will get better with time and if there are unsatisfactory issues, they can often be beautifully corrected with revisional surgery if necessary.

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