How Will Weight Loss and Fitness Effect my New Augment and Lift?

I had a augment and lift in may, I naturally lost inches over the following months but not actual weight which surprised me. I have started alternating a speed walk for 30 minutes then follow with a run for 15 every day to get healthy and improve overall fitness and endurance as well as 50 situps per day. I am not concerned with my body image but want to look my best, weight loss is not my goal. I am concerned with how my breasts may change because of this new found fitness, can I prevent sag

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Wear A Good Sports Bra

Nice job on your new exercise regimen! If you lose a lot of weight, your breasts may sag a bit because of the loss of fatty tissue, although it is hard to predict by how much. However, since weight loss is not your goal you may not experience this as much. You can help prevent sagging by wearing a good sports bra while doing any rigorous physical activity. 

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Weight Loss Following Breast Augmentation

Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle changes and fitness routine. Your breast augmentation will not be negatively affected by exercise. If you were to lose a great deal of weight you might experience some changes, but it does not sound like this is your goal.  Continued success to you in your healthy lifestyle! 

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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Changes to breast with weight loss

Congratulations on changes to your lifestyle.  Significant weight loss can affect the shape of your breasts.  Some of this depends on the amount of fat in your breasts.  Each women is different on the ratio of fat within their breasts.  Obviously, the more fatty your breasts are, the more changes that can occur as your body fat percentage changes.

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This is a test

This is an excellent question. Remember that your health is the most important thing, of course. Small fluctuations in weight usually do not have an adverse effect on breast surgery such as yours. I would unquestionably continue your fitness program. You should have good long-lasting results after your breast surgery. Good luck!

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Weight loss and breast results

If your weight is fairly constant then so too will be your breast result.  With alot of weight loss it can affect the result.

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Weight loss after body contouring procedures is usually okay

Congratulations on embarking on some significant life changes. I would say that unless you were to lose a substantial amount of weight, your breast contour really won't change all that much. Wear a supportive bra and stay healthy. Your new breast shape will hopefully last a long time !

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Breast Changes after Lifestyle Changes?

Congratulations on your active/healthy lifestyle. Given that you do not expect significant weight fluctuation, chances are your breasts will not “sag” significantly with your efforts.

The use of a supportive bra  will be helpful;  otherwise, genetics and skin elasticity issues will be the key determinants of how your breasts will change with time, gravity, and aging.

 Regardless  of any breast changes that occur, it is likely that you will benefit significantly from your diet/exercise routine.

 Best wishes.

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Ways to Prevent Sagging Breasts

   Good supportive bras can help maintain the breast tissue.  If your body fat is already much lower than before, then you will likely not notice much of a change.

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How Will Weight Loss and Fitness Effect my New Augment and Lift?

Losing inches but not weight is not unusual in people who begin vigorous excercise regimens. The muscle gained is much denser that the fat lost, so even though there is not much or any weight loss, contour improves. 

As to the breasts, much depends on the fat content of the breast. The actual breast parenchyma (breast tissue) will not change much, but the fat tissue in the breast will decrease in the setting you describe. If there would be much change, you would probably have noticed it already, since you have noted the change in other parts of your body. Although you can't protect from sag associated with volume loss, you can to some extent temper the sag that occurs with gravity by wearing support bras, especially when exercising.

Keep it up. Thanks, best wishes.


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