What questions should I ask my Dr before having a Breast Reduction. (photos)

6 year I had surgery I started with A-cup and then after surgery a DD or more. I thought when the swelling came down so would the size , unfortunately that was not the case. I called the Drs office and they told me I needed to wait to get a revision done until I was fully healed. Well unexpectedly I got pregnant and breast fed for a year after and did not get the revision done. Now I have neck, shoulder and head pain. Health Care has agreed to pay for the surgery. What should I ask my surgeon ?

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What questions should I ask my Dr before having a Breast Reduction.

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Thank you for your pictures and your questions. Congratulations on deciding to proceed with breast reduction surgery. Patients who choose to do this are usually very happy with the results. As for questions to ask your surgeon, I would discuss with them your goals and expectations and make sure you are happy with the surgeon you choose. Make sure that your plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Ask him or her about technique used for the procedure as well as instructions for pre-op planning and post-op recovery. Ask them what things you can do to optimize your results and be honest with them about your medical history and habits. Best of luck!

Questions to ask before having a breast reduction.

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Thank you for your question and photos.  I am not sure what surgery you had six years ago and what kind of revision you are asking for so it is difficult to tell you what you need.  In general, you should make sure you know what you want to accomplish or what your goal is ultimately.  I would ask about experience, qualifications like board certified in plastic surgery, where it is going to be done, recovery, complications and risks.  I would recommend you see several consults so you can get a feel for what can really be done and have realistic expectations.

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Questions to ask your surgeon

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It's not clear to me if you're looking at having a breast reduction, or a breast implant revision to a smaller implant?It seems to me you really need to be asking a bit of 'how can you help me' and a lot of 'what do you recommend' to get a clear idea of what can and should be done. Throw in a few of 'is now the right time for this' and 'what can I do to help myself preop' and you'll be all set.Good luck.

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