Which option provides the best solution: acrylic on titanium, porcelain on titanium or porcelain on zirconia?

My dentist prefers an acrylic on titanium solution and I prefer a porcelain on zirconia solution. I do not like the thickness and look of the acrylic solution (fit). My temporary was in for eight months and it broke three times, created a lisp (function). The look and size of teeth seemed larger than my originals (form). An opinion on the three options above would be greatly appreciated.

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Acrylic porcelain zirconium

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All options have their benefits & disadvantages.  At Jewel Dental we don't charge any different for all three & include 5-8 implants per arch. This is discussed depending on the needs of every individual. 

 Here are some:

Acrylic: +economic repair costs -teeth wear, porous;stains & smell

Porcelain: +esthetics -costly repair

Zirconium: +chip resistant -very opaque

What you I'll chew against, your jaw muscles, your habits & your goals are examined & discussed. I have done very few acrylic ones as price is removed from that decision. I hope this helps.

Chicago Dentist

Zirconia option for implant bridge

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You are right there are three options for the final prosthetics on full arch implants.  

1) titanium bar and acrylic teeth - the cheapest and most basic option.  Most dentists like it because it's been used the longest and provides good aesthetics.  Problem is that teeth will break off.  The repair is easy but it will happen.  

2) titanium bar and porcelain or ceramic teeth - good solution very aesthetic and can be made with individual crowns on the substructure which may simplify repairs of porcelain fracture.  This is a very expensive option and repairs are often difficult sometimes impossible.  

3) Full contour monolithic Zirconia - aesthetic strong solution.  The whole bridge is milled from a solid block of Zirconia virtually indestructible.  Porcelain is used only to make the pink gum and to layer on front of teeth that need special effects.   By far the best solution we have.  Cost is only slightly more than acrylic but no repairs needed.  Requires very good manufacturing not everybody offers this.

Hope this helps

Good luck.  

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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