is there a minimum weight to lose to qualify for a gastric sleeve?

I have been on the chubby side all my life, but I would say that I'm obese. I have 40-50 lbs to lose. A friend of mine got the sleeve surgery and lose hundreds of pounds... Just wondering if this methods of weight loss could be for me?

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Minimum weight loss for a sleeve?

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Yes there are some criteria you must meet to be a candidate and as bariatric surgeons we go by BMI (Body mass index). So we would need your height and weight to calculate your BMI to see if you are a candidate. Some people with 40 - 50 lb to lose are a candidate if they are short in height (for example 4'11) but if you are 6'2 and only have those 40 lb to go you wouldn't be a candidate. I hope this helps. Here's a link where you can calculate your BMI. 

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