Can you get a mastectomy and brachioplasty done at the same time?

I am getting a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction due to high risk and recent breast changes. Is it possible for me to get a brachioplasty done at the same time? (as this is something that i've been wanting to get done for years.) Obviously my health and the breast surgery is top priority, but would this be an option for me?

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Brachioplasty and mastectomy/reconstruction

Hello -
While technically it's possible to combine breast and brachioplasty surgery, I'd probably advise against he particular combination of mastectomy/reconstruction and brachioplasty together. The reconstruction is more complex than the types of breast surgery that are commonly combined with brachioplasty, operative times can get long, and the risk of complications would be higher.
I would probably advise a patient of mine to have the mastectomy/reconstruction first, get recovered from that, then proceed with the brachioplasty at a later date.
You could certainly bring this up with your plastic surgeon as well.
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Mastectomy and brachioplasty at the same time?

Technically, these two procedures could be done at the same time (I would probably recommend starting with the brachioplasty then doing the breast surgery, though there is no correct order.  However, if your reconstruction is going to be done with tissue expanders and a second or even third operation is planned anyway, I think you would probably be better off waiting until later to do the brachioplasty when a simpler surgery is planned such as implant exchange.  Even if you are having a single stage reconstruction, it may be in your best interest to come back later to do the brachioplasty.  Best of luck with your surgery!

Jeffrey A. Sweat, MD
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Can you get a mastectomy and brachioplasty done at the same time?

Thank you for your question. I would say that I would advise against combining these procedures if you are having a implant based breast reconstruction. When using implants, you always want to try to keep a clean operating environment and limit the chance of implant infection. Combining other procedures such as a brachioplasty (which can have a high incidence of infection and wound breakdown) with an implant based case would be unwise in my opinion. With tissue based reconstruction, the implant infection is not a concern, but there are other issues at hand. You may find surgeons who have other opinions, but I would challenge that the risk of failing the reconstruction is not worth the advantage of bundling procedures. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hope this helps!

Dallas Buchanan, MD
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