I have an uneven jaw and asymmetrical face. Will braces help? (Photo)

sometimes i don't feel pretty because of my cheeks are so uneven and my jaw is all the way to the left. I never liked the way I looked before but then recently I just realized how much I changed with time by looking in the pictures. I had braces for 6 years when I was 18 and my dentist told me the treatment wasn't finished and i regretted now for telling him to take it off now that I'm 27 and insecure I really dont want any surgery and I was wondering if braces will help ? Thanks

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Jaw asymmetry

Based on your photos, your lower jaw appears shifted to the left. You will need orthodontic treatment followed by jaw surgery to correct the asymmetry. Please make appointments to see an orthodontist and oral surgeon to determine a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Briarcliff Manor Orthodontist

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