I am finished implant stage of the All in Four process. Should I get acrylic or porcelain teeth in the final solution?

I am very uncomfortable with the temporary all in four denture. I find it invasive, causes me to lisp when I talk, causes excessive saliva and is generally uncomfortable. It has broken three times in the past six months. I am due for the final solution next month. I have five implants and I am leaning toward asking for a denture that has teeth made of porcelain that meet the gum directly (i.e. Very limited or no pink acrylic). Is this possible or practical?

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Acrylic vs. zyrconia all on 4 prosthesis

Hi, Thank you for your question:If your implants are properly placed and healing well. The best acceptable method for the reconstruction of those implant is with a milled Zircona prosthesis. Best alterntative you have is to visit an Oral Surgeon to verify that the implants are properly placed and if so, then see a Prosthodontist to determine the method of reconstruction. Good Luck to you!!


Thats a great questionIf your temporary has broken multiple times there is a reason for thisYou should not go to the final until you have a temporary made that does not break all the time. Because you have implants over time the teeth can break and chip, this is one of the complications because with Implants you can exert more force than you can with natural teethZirconia(Porcelain) solutions appear to hold up better over time but are more complicated to repair once they break. They have more longevity, are stain resistant and can really provide a nice long term solution
Acrylic titanium -stains more, is more vulnerable to fracture but is easier to repair
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Saj Jivraj, DDS
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All-on-4 Dental Implants

Hi, thank you for your question. There are a multitude of restorative options with the All-on-4. The first set of teeth (temporary set) will give you about 6 months to a year of functionality and then they start to break down. Your final set can be made of ceramic that are much harder in nature and will prevent the breakage that you are experiencing. Depending on how much tissue lost you have had over the years and the position of the implants will dictate the nature of ceramics that should be used. Sounds like you are ready for the transition because the use of ceramics will thin out a lot of the materials that you have in your mouth right now and therefore will improve the lisp and make you a lot more comfortable. Please allow your dental professional to give you the options available of ceramics Good luck!

William P. Lamas, DMD, MS
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Porcelain is more durable than acrylic

However, what you describe is not a material issue but one of design. Certainly discuss options and concerns with your doctor, but perhaps explore other options as well, such as the Deutsch Removable Bridge. 

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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All on 4 concerns

More information and photos are excess army to give you an answer. I suggest visiting with your dentist and discussing your concerns.

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