I had basal cell removed from shin about 2 inches from the knee 5 days ago. What is proper care?

I am a little confused - I am sure they said to leave the dressing on until stitches were removed in 2 weeks (changing every day) and not to put any weight on the foot/leg for the 2 weeks. Everything I have read so far states less time and to remove the bandage. Can you clarify please.

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Post care for Mohs site on leg

Your best bet is to call your treating office and ask for more direct instructions. Extremities require stitches to be in longer for proper healing. In most cases it's about 5-7 days for the face, and about 10-14 days for an extremity. So don't be worried about that length of time. I would have you remove the bandage and clean the area, and keep it gooped up with Vaseline or Polysporin and then reapply the bandage again and keep it covered. But you need to contact your treating office as they performed your surgery and will know the directions they told you and why.

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