I am 33 yr old woman and have small to medium sized gap between each of my upper teeth. Any suggestions? (photo)

What is the best way to fix it, go for braces or invisalign? How long will the procedure take?? Pls help me decide how to fix it. Much thanks! Lina

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You are right,  you have gaps between your upper teeth, however you have slight anterior crossbite on your right lower canine: it means lower tooth/right canine  is overlapping upper tooth right canine. There is a chance you have posterior crossbite on the right but picture won't allow to see it. 

For that reason anterior crossbite, possible posterior crossbite ----you have to get the braces, invisalign won't be to efficient 

Usually any orthodontic office before your diagnosis we have to collect  comprehensive orthodontic records: includes Xray, models of your jaws, several intraoral photos and based on that only the dentist will give you specifics like how long it will take and stuff like that.
Hope that helped and good luck,
George Sahakyan DDS

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