Hit nose hard 8 yrs after nose surgery, loud crack. The gap is bigger. Did it dislocate?

8 years ago I had rhinoplasty I was 16 broke my nose 5 places have 4 rods in nose sitting in bed my daughter jumped to hug me hit my nose with her chin in a downward way heard loud crack (normally clicks)the gap in my nose bridge lengthend (always small) was hit more to right side but left side hurts if I follow from the gap on the top of bridge downa a year ago not sure of pinpoint cause was headbutted sometime after noticed hard lump on right side just above nostril as said I have 4 metal rods

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Nasal Trauma

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I recommend you see a rhinoplasty specialist as soon as reasonably possible because sometimes minimal intervention is possible depending on the injury when it is treated shortly after the trauma.

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